Every client is different, every client has their own needs and expectations and here at Murray Hills Solicitors every client is treated as an individual. This goes a long way to helping us achieve the excellent standard of client care we strive for.  

Each team builds a relationship with their clients, listening, explaining and guiding them through the complicated legal process. Jessica Briggs is a fully qualified Licensed Conveyancer and as such has studied hard to gain the accreditation and legal knowledge required to specialise in the conveyancing process (property law), but this only the tip of the iceberg.Jess & Emma- thank you

As a team Jess and Emma combine their  understanding of the law, the intricacy of the legal process and technical ability with a friendly, professional and personal nature. They understand that each transaction is different for each person and what aspects of the process one person may understand another may not, so they take the time to explain each step and keep their clients as informed and up to date as possible.  This caring and methodical method shows in the reaction they received from clients and recently they have been showered with gifts from very happy clients. 

Receiving gifts from clients is extremely kind, thoughtful and reassures the teams that what they are striving to do is working, but its not only chocolates and wine that gets the message of thanks across. Google reviews, Facebook recommendations and comments on the client satisfaction questionnaire also show the teams how their hard work has helped you and that their chosen career path of helping others with their legal needs is benefiting the local community and you as an individual.

Here are just a few of the things Jess and Emma’s clients have said about the service they have received. 

“The service was excellent, Jessica worked very hard to get the sale completed” – Mr B & Ms R

“I could not fault the efficiency and speed of the work that was completed for me and for the helpful and friendly service given. I would definitely recommend your firm to anybody I know” – Mr C

“Brilliant service from Jessica Brigs” – Ms M

Find more testimonials for Jess and Emma as well as our other fabulous teams HERE 

Contact us for more information the the services we offer and how we can help you with your legal needs on 01262 672249 and thank you again for every single kind word and lovely gift received, it is greatly appreciated.

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