Conveyancing Quality V’s Budget

Most people will agree that moving house is one of the most stressful and significant life events you can go through. There are many things to think about but also things you can do to reduce this stress and help the whole process go smoother.

The first step is choosing the right Solicitor / Conveyancer (the legal process of ensuring the legal title to the property passes from seller to buyer is known as Conveyancing). It may sound simple, but with so many options to choose from it can sometimes seem like a minefield. In this modern age Solicitors services can be sort via the internet or call centres and often look more attractive and cost effective on the surface.

Everyone loves a good bargain, but, when it comes to the legal process a cheap and cheerful approach can be much more costly in the long run as a budget or ‘conveyancing factory’ firm can be more of a risk. Why?

• Higher workloads – It is often found with budget conveyancing that they have a higher workload and turn over rate, meaning that your matter does not receive the care and attention it deserves.

• Is that the full quote?- Many people use budget firms because the quote offers a saving on a local Solicitors, but sometimes the quote really is too good to be true. Most of these eye-catching fixed fee deals have hidden costs that clients do not discover until it is too late, and end up with a much larger bill to pay then they initially budgeted for, with hidden extra costs for all sorts of things such as photocopying or filling in post completion forms. Here at Murray Hills we set out our fees at the outset, keeping you fully informed of any additional disbursements that may arise as the transaction proceeds and discussing each stage with you, allowing you to be fully aware of all aspects of your transaction.

• Fee Earner- Each matter transaction has a ‘fee earner’ or ‘case handler’, the individual who is responsible for your case. In cheaper conveyancing instances this person may not have the same experience or qualifications as a local office Solicitor who is regulated, bound by strict rules of conduct and specialises in property law. It may also mean that your case is past from person to person in a conveyor belt style, often leading to misinformation, lack of communication and extra stress for you. For example, your Solicitor will have seen all the paperwork in connection with the property but they will not have physically been and seen it but you have, so if you have a concern or query about the property you should raise it with your Solicitor, but if you are in a conveyor belt process you may not even know who is handling your case today adding extra stress as you try to find them to tell them your concerns.

• The personal touch – Even though modern technology has allowed us to move things along at a faster pace and emails have given us the power of communication at our finger tips, nothing really replaces the personal touch. Using a local Solicitor enables you to meet them, for them to understand your individual needs and tailor the service to you. Here at Murray Hills Solicitors we can also offer Skype and telephone meetings but you always know we are in your local town, understand the local area and current market, many budget firms are at the other end of the country and may not be as easily accessible or have the local knowledge that will help your transaction to run smoothly.

• Life changing- Buying a house is likely to be the biggest financial decision of your life and this may sway you to finding the cheapest lawyer to do the job, but not only is it a giant financial decision it is also an important one. The legal aspect needs to be done correctly and this mindset should surpass the need for cheap.

So, what should you do now? – Stop and think.

We hope that we have provided you with at least some food for thought when shopping about for your conveyancing quote. Here at Murray Hills Solicitors we specialise in conveyancing and pride ourselves on providing a personal touch and not a conveyor belt service with experienced teams delivering excellent client care that people have come to expect from us over the past 10 years.

Shop around and get quotes, listen to word of mouth and people’s experiences, talk to us and by all means make sure you have a competitive quote, but please don’t get consumed by finding the cheapest. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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