I am not a runner – or at least I thought I wasn’t!


Caroline has worked for Murray Hills Solicitors since 2016 as our training officer, guiding various members of staff through to becoming paralegals and beyond.
Caroline always strives to provide the very best for her students, her determination, kind nature and eagerness for them to succeed to the best of their abilities has always been apparent in all she does, but Caroline has recently taken on a whole new challenge and this time it is us cheering her on.

York 10k

Here Caroline tell us all about it.

I am not a runner- or at least I thought I wasn’t! But that was before I started the Couch to 5k programme which in 9 weeks trained me to run 5k. I didn’t believe it would be possible but it’s an incredible programme and really does get you running 5k from nothing.
I decided that if I could train my ‘non-running self’ to run 5k then it might be possible to build on this and train myself to run 10k. With this in mind I needed a goal to work towards and decided to enter the York 10k in August 2019.York is such a lovely place and having realised that it’s a fairly flat course I decided that it would be the one to enter!

york 10k

My training is progressing well and I still, fortunately, have a few months in which to achieve the 10k distance. I consistently run at least 5k three times a week now and have started to take part in a local Park Run on a Saturday morning to get used to running with other people.


I will be 60 at the end of this year and thought that it would be an achievement to enter, and hopefully complete, a 10k run before this significant birthday.

My husband Paul has decided to join me in my run so we will both be raising funds to support Murray Hills chosen charity of 2019 – Motor Neurone Disease Scarborough and Bridlington Group.

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Please get involved, cheer Caroline on and help us raise as much for this fantastic local charity as possible.

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