The City of Culture 2017

As part of the city of culture celebrations Monopoly launched the Hull edition on Friday 7th April 2017Hull Monopoly

Murray Hills Solicitors are very excited and proud to be part of the Hull Monopoly City of Culture edition with our own square, community chest card, box and board art.


The Humber Bridge is revealed as having landed on Mayfair, the game’s top iconic location. Hull City Hall, the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Minster, Wilberforce House, the King Billy Statue, Hepworth’s Arcade, Hull City, Hull FC, Hull KR and the Maritime Museum are amongst other landmarks in the game.

 This is the first time ever in the world that all the Monopoly tokens have come about as a result of a public vote. The vote was held last year over a two month period and the six unique Monopoly playing tokens are

a trawler,

a toad,

a football,

a rugby ball,

a crown and

a ferris wheel.

monopoly tokens
The Chance and the Community Chest cards are customised too.

One sees Hull City get to Wembley! Another pays tribute to Hull’s ‘Bee Lady’ Jean Bishop. A third re-imburses players for getting stuck in bottleneck city centre traffic and a fourth rewards players for moving into their new home with Murray Hills Solicitors.

jean bishop

“The game is a celebration of everything Hull – its rich past, jubilant present and vibrant future”

says Benjamin Thompson, custom games executive, at Winning Moves UK,  the game’s developers under license from Hasbro.

Keith Murray managing Director of Murray Hills Solicitors said
“Murray Hills Solicitors are proud to be immortalised on the Hull edition of Monopoly to help celebrate the City of Culture and all this wonderful city has to offer after all it’s not everyday that you get approached by a games company to be part of an iconic game such as Monopoly. We are truly honored”

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