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Murray Hills Solicitors have the accreditations, qualifications and skill set to provide you with a first-class conveyancing service.

But more than that our teams are made of real people who have been through the experience and know how it can feel, they understand the stress, worry and trepidation that can come with buying and selling a house and are here to guide you through every step of the way.

Here a few of our staff members reminiscing about buying a new home.

“When I purchased my first house I remember feeling excited at the beginning, looking around potential new homes, deciding what could go where, but then I became nervous, had I made the right choices? could I afford this huge financial step? I was 19 and didn’t understand the process involved and this made me on edge and with a sick feeling in my stomach. The second time I purchased a new home I was older, I felt that I understood the process more, knew there were certain steps the Solicitors had to take to ensure everything was in order but that didn’t stop the anxious feelings, the stress of packing, the worry, the nervous anticipation of it all. Just looking back gives me those feelings all over again”– Emma

“I felt excitement when buying my house but panic on the day trying to get everything packed and out on time. We had pushed for completion on August bank holiday weekend but delays in the new build meant added extra stress. All the family helped us unpack and get in and then all I felt was joy in our new home– June

“I found it really stressful when an unanticipated problem arose meaning that the purchase would be delayed, or even unable to go through! Great communication is the key, knowing what is happening and being kept fully informed at every step helps reduce the stress levels, but moving into your first home is worth it all ” – Alex

“As I am currently going through the process of buying my first House, I understand the anxious wait for the formal offer of mortgage, the exciting feeling when you know things are almost in place, the nervousness of wanting to know everything is going to plan. It’s like a roller-coaster ride of emotions.” – Becky 

From reception to post completion, we understand that buying and selling a house can be an incredibly stressful and emotional time, we know because we have done it ourselves.

Our expert, professional and friendly teams are here to guide you through and make it as stress-free as possible.

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