Bring a Pound to work day


Tuesday 13th March 2018 was

Yorkshire Coast Radio’s bring a pound to work day.

It’s a simple as it sounds, staff bring in £1 and the Yorkshire Coast Radio team drive around the Yorkshire Coast collecting all the pounds in aid of Saint Catherine’s.

Saint Catherine’s provide care and support at home and in the hospice for adults with a terminal illness as well as their families and friends. You can find out more about Saint Catherine’s here 

The charity day aims to raise £10,000 as this is the amount it costs to run the hospice and its services for just one day and this year is the first year Murray Hills Solicitors have taken part.


The staff at our Bridlington branch eagerly brought in their £1’s which where collected going towards the grand total raised by the radio station.

Bring a pound to work day
You can see photos and information on Yorkshire Coast Radio Facebook and Twitter accounts using #BAPTWD18 and more about the day in general on their website here


Well done to everyone that took part in their fantastic day.

Bring a pound to work day 2018


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