To Be A Future Solicitor Or Not That Is The Question.

As a local firm we are approached each year by students seeking work experience, even though we cannot accommodate them all we do try to offer placements were appropriate.

At the beginning of July Bonnie Morfitt from Hornsea School came to our Bridlington office for a week of work experience enabling her to get a feel for the legal sector and what it is like to work in an office environment.

Bonnie said

“This week Murray Hills Solicitors allowed me to do my work experience with them. I have done a wide variety of tasks from filing to sorting Wills. I believe this has been very interesting experience and will help me decide on whether or not a career in law is for me. I have found out lots of interesting things that I never knew from how a law firm is run to all the different roles people hold inside a law firm.”

Throughout the week Bonnie shadowed various members of staff learning about general administration work as well as the basics of working in an office, the layout, roles and departments within a law firm

.future Solicitor

Bonnie added
“My favourite part of this experience has been getting to know the different people who work at Murray Hills and what their jobs include. Murray Hills is a very nice environment to complete a work experience placement, as I have found in the past week. The staff who work here are very kind and go out of their way to accommodate everybody’s needs. I feel that Murray Hills was a good choice of placement as it shows the ways in which a well-run law firm fit together. The different departments that I have spent the last few days in all play specific roles and all work together to make sure their clients are as happy and as well informed about the matter in hand as possible. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been able to spend my work experience at Murray Hills as I really feel as though all the staff went out of their way to teach me something new.”

While in our Bridlington office Bonnie spoke to many of the staff, gaining an insight into their experiences, knowledge and path to law, spending time with Director Alex Cartledge understanding the requirements needed to make the legal sector a career.

Alex said

“While Bonnie is still studying for her GCSE’s we hope that the experience she gained from our office will help her to make decisions that will sculpt her future career. There is so much more to learn and experience that we simply could not share with Bonnie, as our main priority will always be our clients confidentiality, but we were very happy when Bonnie told us that her experience here has helped her to air on the side of making law her career and working towards becoming a Solicitor. We hope that our paths cross again and wish her every luck in her future.”

Future SolicitorMurray Hills would like to extend out thanks to Bonnie for her courteous, polite and professional manner while at our office and to wish her well in her future.

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