Would you like to win £5k?

Yorkshire Coast Radio are giving you the chance to win £5k in their Duck Race

duck race

You really would be ‘quackers’ to miss it

The Yorkshire Coast Radio £5000 Duck Race is taking place again this year at Dalby Forest on

Sunday 10th September at 12pm and the event is set to go swimmingly.

The basic premise is that listeners call in everyday day from Monday 14th August to win themselves a duck, then on Sunday 10th September 100 plastic ducks race downstream and whoever has the winning duck wins five thousand pounds.

Duck Race

Murray Hills are sponsoring duck number 86 and we will be ‘egging’ it on to win

So take a ‘quack’ at it and you maybe the lucky winner

‘Waddle’ you do with £5000? Put it towards a house deposit perhaps, leave the nest & spread your wings?





Duck Race

Please see Yorkshire Coast Radio website for full information, terms and conditions to ensure you ‘fit the bill’


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