Murray Hills is committed to promoting equality and diversity in its professional activities with clients, personnel and all other third parties that have dealings with the firm.  As part of our Equality and Diversity policy and in compliance with our regulatory obligations, we monitor this by conducting surveys and analysing the data to demonstrate its effectiveness and highlight any areas for further development.

The below summary provides the data aggregated from our surveys conducted in 2015 and is accurate as at 16th September 2015.

Our workforce diversity date is published on a combined basis for the whole firm to mitigate the risk of identification of individuals:-

Age breakdown: 16-24 years – 12%, 25-34 years – 20%, 35-44 years – 20% 45-54 years – 20%, 55-64 years – 20%, over 65 years 8%.

Gender:  The gender spilt of our staff is 72% female and 28% male.

Disability: None of our staff have a disability as defined by the Equality Act 2012.

Ethnicity: 100% of our current staff are white British.

Socio-economic background: 80% of our staff attended UK state schools and 12% attended UK Independent/Fee paying schools. If member of our staff went to University then 16% were in the first generation of their family to do so 24% were not the first generation of their family to do.

Caring Responsibilities: 36% of our staff care for at least one child under the age of 18 years and 12% are carers for or give help to support family members, friends, neighbours or others due to their disability, mental/ill health or problems related to old age for between 1-19 hours per week.